Sunday, February 27, 2011

EAIT Terminated

Everest Financial is winding up. I should get a payout of $A800 next month as part of the run-down. Now I got a letter from One Managed Investments who took over the EAIT fund from Everest that they terminated the fund on 11 February and are now managing just to pay out the investors. We should get a return of capital of 88.2 cents per share (i.e. about $A7,500 for me) on 1 March and the rest over the next four years. The delay is because the underlying hedge funds have "lock-up" periods.

The question is whether I should look to reinvest my capital in other hedge fund opportunities. If all goes to plan I did actually make some money on the EAIT fund (about $A3,000). I lost a lot investing in Everest Financial, the management company. Logically, the latter shouldn't deter me from investing in hedge funds. But the drawn out saga of EAIT has certainly made me more wary.

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