Sunday, December 09, 2012

Adjusting Savings Plan

We pretty much achieved our goal of accumulating $A150k in cash to buy a house:
Now it's time to adjust savings plans again. For the moment I'll use savings to pay down the margin loan of $A35k that we took to start the fund off. I also just withdrew Snork Maiden's investment in the Acadian Long Short Fund as it has been an underperformer and a quick evaluation of returns shows that despite owning seven different funds in her account there only seem to be three main sources of return: Australian stocks, international stocks, property. I'll submit a new regular savings plan for her managed funds (mutual funds) account soon to replace the current one.


Financial Independence said...

This is mind boggling speed of savings. Congradulations - over $125,000 in one year!

Anonymous said...

It's actually closer to $75k in this account. The big jump at the beginning is transfers from elsewhere including borrowing.


Anonymous said...


it's nice to know you are still at it. i think i've completely wrecked my financial profile in the past 3 years after 2 masters degrees but i think it's sometimes easier to start at zero.

i see you are in the market to get a house. housing is definitely slowly coming back so whatever you pay if the u.s. housing market recoveries you are sure to get equity build up in the near future.

-finance ninja (paul)

mOOm said...

Hi Paul

Here in Australia the housing bubble never burst. House prices, or more accurately land prices were outrageously high and remain so. But I don't think they will ever come down unless there is a big shift in government policies. And I can't see government's changing policies dramatically to make a difference in any short period because so many people would be upset that they were underwater on their mortgages.