Saturday, October 08, 2016

Moominpapa's Taxes 2015-16 Edition

I have now completed my tax return. Looks like I should get a $204 refund. My taxable income is up by 2%. But my tax is up 4% despite a 23% increase in deductions and increases in tax credits. I'm a bit puzzled by that but I did move into the top tax bracket. Gross cash income is before tax income ignoring franking and other tax credits and adding in net undiscounted capital gains (not deleting losses from previous years).

This was the first year I checked what information the government knows about my tax affairs as revealed by the prefilled information on my tax return. They are missing a lot of information on my Australian accounts and none on my foreign holdings. Strangely they have dividends for some shares I have with a broker and don't have information on dividends from other companies that I hold through the same broker. Also they have one managed fund account but not the other I hold with the same firm. If I filed a return based on the numbers they know but taking the deductions I could document my return would look so radically different to last year that I think it would raise a lot red flags. But I didn't want to give the government any more information than they have, so I again filed a paper return. I filed Moominmama's return online for the first time, using the prefilled numbers plus deductions.

Previous years' reports:


P.S. 9 November

I got a more than $900 refund. Don't know what I got wrong in my calculations, but I'm not complaining :)

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