Tuesday, December 01, 2020

New Investment or Trade? Treasury Wine Estates


Today, I bought 5,000 shares of Treasury Wine @ AUD 8.42 a share. The stock has traded as high as AUD 20.20 in the last three years. The price has fallen since China put a huge tariff on Australian wine. The company's announcement seemed positive to me. This stock was also recommended at the recent Sohn Investment Conference by Jun Bei Liu of Tribeca Investment Partners. I don't think she was betting on such a high tariff.


Financial Independence said...

Good move. I think soon enough Ozz will make peace and allow China to take control where the USA left it. The shares will bounce back!

mOOm said...

I don't know about making peace with China.... but Jun Bei Liu reckons the stock is worth the land and wine in storage that the company has. The positive I saw in the announcement is that their brands that sell well in other markets have been short of grapes. If China imports more French wine say then other markets will become easier for them. Planting vineyards takes time.