Thursday, December 01, 2022

Regal Funds Adds Private Credit

After recently adding a resource royalties strategy, Regal Funds (RF1.AX) are now adding a private credit strategy. They also announced a placement and rights issue to help implement the new strategy. The fund started primarily as a listed hedge fund with some private equity. But it is increasingly becoming a diversified alternatives fund. I suppose all these new strategies are supposed to reduce the correlation of the fund to the stockmarket. The fund has had a beta of 1. However, this looks like it will come at the expense of performance. You can't do 20% a year in strategies like private credit. Well, I guess you can lever up...

In any case, performance wasn't good in November, especially relative to the stockmarket which rose strongly. I sold 10,000 shares this week to increase my holding of URFPA. The rights offering is at AUD 3.01 a share (current NAV) with a maximum of AUD 30k per holder. I decided not to bother as I can't buy more than 2,000 shares without selling something else.

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