Tuesday, April 23, 2024

New Investment: Bendigo Bank Hybrid

Following on from yesterday's post, I did some research on Australian Bank Hybrids. Essentially, a hybrid is a convertible bond. At a certain date it may be converted into shares of the issuer. The ratio is not set up front but is based on the share price at the conversion. In the meantime, you are paid a floating interest rate that is a fixed margin above the market interest rate. As a result, there is little price risk if everything goes well. However, if the issuer gets into financial trouble the value of the bonds can be reduced or in theory go to zero, like any other corporate bond.

I thought about an offering from Judo Bank. The bank is new but is making money and its credit rating was recently upgraded, but Interactive Brokers didn't list it. The next best yield-wise and with a better credit rating was from Bendigo Bank. So I bought 350 shares of BENPI.AX.

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