Friday, November 07, 2008

Everest Babcock and Brown and Platinum Capital

Received the offer document for Platinum Capital's (PMC.AX) rights issue and Everest Babcock and Brown Investment Trust's (EBI.AX) withdrawal offer. Platinum granted shareholders the right to buy one new share for each share they own at a discounted price (well it was discounted at the time of the offer). I already sold my rights, which are essentially call options, on the stock market. Even if I had the money I wouldn't want to increase my position and currently the market price is equal to the exercise price.

EBI, which is planning to delist from the stock market is offering investors an opportunity to redeem some of their shares prior to delisting at a 7.5% discount to Net Asset Value. In total, up to 10% of all shares can be redeemed so if the offer is oversubscribed requests may be scaled back. I'm planning to redeem 31% of my shares. Despite the discount this price is much better than the current market price and it'll will be a year before another redemption is allowed. Still, I'll probably wait until October's NAV is published mid-month, before sending the form in.

EBI's management company is also in the news today with rumours of a takeover or some other transaction. The stock price of this firm has completely collapsed. It would be strange for the major stockholders to sell out at anywhere near this price - the P/E ratio is 1.6 based on last year's earnings and analyst's forecast a forward P/E of 3.8. But they probably need the money. A big one of course is Babcock and Brown.

I'd be happy with a price of 50 cents a share rather than the current 10 cents (or less). I'm ashamed to say that my net cost/breakeven point is 71 cents a share.

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