Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So apparently the government department who provided my contact with a grant that was never used is willing to see a new proposal as to what to do with the money. So I have to come up with a proposal fast. I'm reading up about what issues are of interest to them and hoping I can dust up an old proposal, make it relevant to those issues and the Asia-Pacfic region and give it a shot. Let's see.


Kris said...

Nice & Interesting blog. A good find for me :P

Will link you from my blog. Btw, what's the picture that you posted?

Are you attempting to build a military base?

Revanche said...

LOL @ "Are you attempting to build a military base?"

How soon might you hear back from them?

mOOm said...

Just an image I found on a Google Image Search :) It's clearly a map of Phoenix Arizona and has something to do with planes too. I don't think it is an airport noise map though.

Don't know when we'll hear from the potential funder.