Thursday, January 22, 2009


At least I was dressed smarter than my interviewers. I had my shirt tucked in :) Not sure how well it went, I should hear early next week if they want to pursue it further.

It felt like they treated the research funding I got almost as a negative as it would delay my potential start date with them. They were still talking about starting immediately though I couldn't start till after a second interview and seminar presentation and teaching starts on 22nd February and I need to prepare to teach a course at a new institution. At first the chairman said, well maybe we'll get you to give a seminar in our regular schedule some time in the year, I don't want to keep the position open for a year and maybe some other opportunity would come along for you in the meantime anyway. So I asked when he'd expect any of his U.S. based candidates to start. July (the start of the second semester here). So maybe I could start in July if we negotiate some arrangement with the other program? OK - maybe we'll ask you to give a seminar in March when we're finished interviewing the other more junior candidates.

I got across all the points I wanted to make. But I felt like I wasn't very articulate when talking about my research. I kept searching for the right words to use...

Tomorrow, Friday, I have a meeting to iron out the details of the research position.

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