Friday, January 23, 2009

Second Round Interview

This morning I met my colleague who helped me with the grant application and began to work out the details. It'll take a little while to push everything through the notorious university bureaucracy. We don't even know yet exactly which program I'll be in though the overall school/college is determined. My flight is already booked to a conference in February and my colleague will see if he can get me onto the workshop schedule to give a short presentation about my planned project.

This evening I just received a message from the chairman of the department where I interviewed yesterday. he says he thinks I'm a good fit in his program and wants to do a second round interview including a seminar presentation. Either in early February or early March. I'd prefer March to give me more time and they have plenty of other people coming to give presentations in the meantime. Unless that looks like I'm not enthusiastic? I wouldn't be starting in their program till July.

I feel a bit nervous and sad for some reason and don't know why.


Rafi said...

I would go for March if you need the time. Better to be well prepared and also if you need time to get into it.

Good luck.

Revanche said...

If you feel the way I tend to before change, I totally understand the sad/nervousness. I'm feeling much the same right now, awaiting a decision. Wistful, perhaps? Something like that.

It would be great if you could get the second round scheduled for March - perhaps the scheduling conflict with the conference would be adequate reason to delay without looking like you don't really want it?

mOOm said...

Yes, I think that's pretty much it. I'm planning on going for the March date. That is what we were discussing at the first interview. It gives me more time to come up with some results and a presentation on them to give to them.