Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Income/Expenditure 2009: Australian Dollar Edition

I've produced a version of the annual accounts in Australian Dollars, which is what we are actually spending in and for the most part earning in:

Same format, different currency. We came in at over AUD 100k in after tax non-investment income - mostly salaries. This puts us near the top of the income distribution in Australia. Especially when we add in the retirement contributions and investment income. A large proportion of the latter is just bounce back in capital values though. This year will probably not look anything like that. The rising Aussie Dollar put a damper on the investment returns. Retirement contributions add 24% on top of the after tax salary due to the high contribution rates in public sector jobs in Australia and additional salary sacrifice contribtions we are making for Snork Maiden.

For non-Australian readers - the compulsory level of retirement contributions by employers is 9% on top of the pre-tax salary. But in the government sector the levels range from 15 to 17%. On top of that, at the universities, employees are required to contribute an additional 7% out of the salary for some reason.

The spending and saving percentages below the main table refer to saving from non-investment income and don't include stuff in the retirement column while the savings numbers in the main table include investment income.

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