Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Income/Expenditure Report 2009

I did an annual report for 2009 but skipped the actual income, spending, and saving accounts for the year. So here they are:

They follow the format of my monthly reports. All numbers are in USD though we mainly earn and spend in AUD. After tax salaries, tax refunds, etc. amounted to $82k. Out of that we spent $48k. So our crude savings rate there was 41%. Most of my salary, which we only had for a year, was saved. Retirement contributions from pre tax salary and the employer's contributions came to $21k (This number is also after the 15% Australian contributions tax). I also made a $732 contribution in after tax money in order to get the government co-contribution. Investment returns are pre-tax. Tax credits then adjust those returns so that we get the correct change in net worth. Our accounts saw a very strong rebound redressing a large part of the 2008 debacle. Net worth increased by $213k about half and half split between retirement and non-retirement accounts.

Obviously, our true savings rate was above 41%. But if we compare expenditure to the total income figure we had a negative savings rate in 2008... So maybe that's not very useful. Comparing these numbers with this post I'd say we spent 40% on needs, 20% on wants, and saved 40% roughly.

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