Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One Project Close to Closure the Other in Limbo

I submitted the final report for the project I did over the past year today, though I'll need to edit down the paper a lot to submit it to an academic journal for formal publication. I'll wait a while and do other stuff (plenty of it) before coming back to it with a fresh eye. We have already submitted two other papers from the project, which are now at various stages in the review process. Some more people at the government ministry want to meet with me to discuss the results, so that's good.

As I noted in the comments, the chairman wants to meet with me next week subject unspecified. Presumably about the job. I found out that another candidate hasn't heard anything yet so based on the theory that you don't reject interviewed candidates before negotiating with your preferred candidates, I don't think he wants to tell me in person he is rejecting me. Either he wants to make me an offer (but then why not just phone me) or he wants to ask me more questions that he didn't have a chance to at the interview or he wants to negotiate with me about what rank I'd accept in order to know how many people he can hire on his budget. That's all my ideas so far. So who knows. Maybe he wants to talk to me about something else. For example, a course they need teaching I was already asked about. I wish he'd specify the reason. But trying to act cool I just booked a time with his secretary and didn't ask him what it was about.

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