Monday, March 29, 2010

Risk Reduction

I switched $A13,750 from our holdings of Colonial First State Geared Share Fund to the CFS Conservative Fund in my CFS Superannuation account. This effectively sells the units I purchased in July and September 2008 for a small profit. Even so, the value of our holdings in this fund in this account has still gone up this month at this point. Our allocation to large cap Australian stocks will be about constant this month and still well overweight and leverage will be down by just over a percentage point. Still this is a small step towards risk reduction without going overboard in any way :)

I'm actually going to let the risk allocation in Snork Maiden's accounts drift up going forward. I increased the allocation of future investments in superannuation account in the "sustainable" (=Australian shares) allocation to 20% from 10%. The actual current allocation is 11%. I'm also going to tweak the allocations in her non-superannuation Colonial First State account. But I'll blog about that more when I actually make a move there. My accounts have gotten overinvested in risk and hers under, so we'll move them towards each other.

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