Monday, March 06, 2006


So why the names Moomin Valley and moominoid? The moomins are characters in the books (and other spin-offs) created by the Finnish (but Swedish speaking) author Tove Jansson. They live an idyllic life of leisure and adventure in Moomin Valley. They don't care too much about material things but like a comfortable life. They don't care what other people think about them. They don't appear to do any productive work. They are very open-minded and caring about other creatures they encounter. I seem to have a lot in common with a couple of the characters and I guess my dream is to live a life as happy as that of the moomins.... So the aim of getting rich is not for material benefits but in order to live a life more like that of the moomins :)


StealthBucks said...

Weird coincidence as I am a descendent of Finnish but Swedish speaking people. Originally from Vaasa. Also as in Australia, been there done that and lived in Finland in High School. I am still enjoying your comments. Some of your investment ideas are obscure though but if they work for you since you can invest in offshore stuff, I'll take a gander every once in a while.

mOOm said...

Hi Stealthbucks - my first comment on my blog :) Never been to Finland but been to Sweden several times.

Try to use the investment ideas as examples. There are US equivalents to some of these stocks... but not always... The concept of investing in fund managers could include AMG, BLK for example. BTF is slightly in the hedge fund direction and is on my list for possible future investment. That's why BRK/B as I explained.

However, an important part of my strategy is addressing currency risk. You can do that using a futures account. Easier for me at this stage in my career to just balance between the US and other countries especially Australia. The Australian government has a very responsible fiscal policy. Many would argue too responsible.

StealthBucks said...

OK, I looked at your ideas. My response in Short.... Black Rock is intriguing especially for you relevant strength technical guys. As you can tell I am a bit ruled by emotion. Hate the big ugly bull aka... ML. Thus can't do it. AMG. Don't like the submanagers and are aware of them...... BTF, absolutley fascinating. You obviously need to rethink your career. This is obscure beyond belief. I'm not sure why you would own a fund that has 25% + Berkshire in it and pay a fee for that but the manager controls a rediculous amount of the fund and could actually blow out the fund and cash in everyone for a pretty incredible 13% plus discount. Having said all that it traded all of 300 shares as of 11:00 am. How in God's name do you buy something like that? Let alone find it on your radar screen. I must assume you know the manager or have knowledge I am not capable of acquiring and don't want to know. I can surf better than anyone on Closed Ends but this one is really out there. Not by risk or anything but just information and disclosure..... I may be your only commenter so far but please don't take this personally you are just a totally different thinker and I find that interesting.

Finally, I don't do futures although am aware. I did have incredible success last year with EPP (heavily Aussie weighted) and have been pairing position as of late. I can only keep so many balls in the air and Futures is not part of my plan. Duly noted several people have become gazzioluionaires in this arena but one of them won't be me. From your writing though you may have the talent for it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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