Thursday, June 07, 2007

Australia: Part II

Some reasons why we've decided to move to Australia:

1. So far it's the only good job offer that Snork Maiden has received. There are a couple of rather inadequate alternatives at her university (she is completing a PhD) and mine which she could do on the OPT status (optional practical training which foreign students can do for one year after completion of their degree while still on their student visa).

2. The other alternative is for me to go through with the final stage of the green card process for us to marry and then for her to apply for a green card on the basis of mine. Perhaps there would be a job for her in my state government or some other opportunity. Here we have a clear option. I think once getting a PhD you need to use it fast before it loses its value. Later you can decide on changing career tracks.

3. We are going to Canberra which is the ideal place almost for her in terms of job opportunities down the road.

4. I have friends and contacts in Canberra which will help both of us.

5. She can become a citizen in three years, vs. a 8 year plus road here. I am already an Australian citizen.

6. No snow :) Well it did snow once in my six years in Canberra but it didn't stick. There is snow on the mountains. IMO an almost perfect climate.

7. The more Snork Maiden hears about Australia the more she likes it.

8. Only 2 hours time difference to eastern China, her home country.

9. This final step of the green card process where I need to get mutliple criminal background checks from all the countries I've lived in feels insulting to me. If I can avoid it I will. Probably, this is irrational. Even after that it will be five years before I can become a citizen. Though I wasn't born in Australia I feel more at home in the country that seems to want me. My mother is Australian and registered me as an Australian citizen when I was born.

10. Parrots.


Denise Mall said...

Australia does sound like the best option. Your tone also tells me this is the place where your happiness will come. I think the decision is already complete and will work best for both of you. said...

Canberra's a nice town, but, same as with Melbourne, it's too far from the City. ;)

mOOm said...

Melburnians (is that what they're called) would be outraged by that comment! :) I haven't been very impressed with Melbourne myself though.

Adventures In Money Making said...

I'm jealous!

i've been telling the wife we should move to Aussie land for 3 years.

although I've never been, I'd love to go there.

I can't blame you for not wanting to put with the greencard crap. It takes way too long and then you see illegals getting amnesty and jumping the queue.

It seems the US's policy is to make it more difficult for intelligent, highly paid individuals who contribute to society than for unskilled workers and elderly family members, both of whom haven't contributed anything into social security/medicaid and are now draining it.

I even know a few 3rd-4th generation white Americans who have tired of the governments policies and have emigrated to AU or NZ.

mOOm said...

If you are in the high-tech/computer industry the US is the place to be obviously. Otherwise if family ties in the US are not relevant then there is no reason why not try Australia. Especially if you have family ties in Asia.