Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Test Driving

Today, Snork Maiden got to drive a Holden Commodore (employer's car), a Ford Taurus (1997 model), a Holden Vectra, and a Ford Falcon (2004 Futura model). The verdict: the Falcon is best. We have another deposit down. So now we've gone from one extreme to another sizewise. It's a bit over our initial budget too, but after the $A20,000 initial loss in value and so depreciation after this should not be a lot higher on a 2004 model than a 2002 or 2000 model. It is highly reccommended in online reviews. Main concern is the high fuel consumption of this 4.0L 6 cylinder car. It looks exactly like the one in the picture, even down to the colour. There aren't any palm trees on the lot though :)


Anonymous said...

nice car! never heard of a holden...?

mOOm said...

Holden is General Motors Australian Brand. They have Vauxhall in England and Opel in Germany. Holdens are also exported elsewhere as Pontiacs or Chevrolets etc. We import Opels as Holdens. The badge on a car tells you less and less about where it was made.

There's been another twist in this saga. Hopefully today everything gets straightened out.