Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Career Progress Report

The academic job I applied for (there are 3-4 positions available) got more than 250 applicants from around the world. They are now narrowing these down to about 40 who will get an initial half hour interview (most at a big academic meeting). I just heard from the chairman that I made it into the 40. So I'll be having a short interview in a couple of weeks time when he gets back from the conference. After this round they'll likely select about 12 for a full on-campus interview which in the academic world last 1-2 days and includes a seminar presentation.

I'll have to think about how to prepare - Last time I did an interview was back in early 2002. And should I wear a suit and tie?


Revanche said...

Wonderful that you made the first cut! I would absolutely wear a suit and tie, were I you.

mOOm said...

During my last round of interviews in the US in the depths of winter in early 2002, suit and tie was what everyone wore and when I was the interviewer in 2003 at that same big academic conference. Just seems a bit silly in the middle of summer here in Australia to put on a suit and tie to walk down the street (literally) to meet someone I already met. I guess I can't lose from dressing up too much (except sweating).