Sunday, July 01, 2012

Half Year Report

These accounts are for the first six months of this year in Australian Dollars:

As they even out the month to month volatility they are perhaps a bit easier to get the big picture from. The first two numbers on the top row are after tax salary etc. and retirement contributions. After that we have non-retirement investment income which netted out to $174. Snork Maiden said: "At least it is positive!". Retirement accounts did a lot better on investment income. We spent $33k which means we saved $54k from the non-retirement stream while retirement accounts rose $26k. The savings rate from regular income is then 62% with roughly 70% of spending on "needs" and 30% on "wants". We can save around $100k per year at the moment ($9k per month) which is much more than enough for the increased housing expenditures that would come with the kinds of houses we are looking at (about $4k higher a month).

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