Sunday, July 01, 2012

Moominvalley June 2012 Report

Accounts for June in US Dollars:

These accounts aren't totally final due to the slow reporting of tax credits etc. at the end of the Australian financial year which was on Saturday. Net worth rebounded strongly (by $33k) from May in USD terms as the Australian Dollar rose over parity again. Net worth is now $US617k or $A602k. We spent $US5754 but some of that was work related and without that we spent $5,319. $1,000 of that was a coffee machine that was supposed to be a present for Snork Maiden's dad. Or maybe not. He told us to use it ourselves so that we can teach him. Seems to require some skill still in the milk department despite being an "automatic" espresso machine.

The rate of return in USD terms was 3.96% vs. 4.99% for the MSCI World Index and 4.12% for the S&P 500. In Australian Dollar terms, though, we lost 1.37% (-0.46% in currency neutral terms).

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Anonymous said...

+$33K in one month? Outstanding : -))