Friday, February 08, 2013

All Time Highs

The profits on a lot of our investments are currently at the maximum since we started investing in them. This is only remarkable because of the financial crisis and bear market we've been through in the last few years. Many of our investments have now fully recovered or more. They include:

CFS Developing Companies
CFS Future Leaders
Unisuper Superannuation Fund
CFS Diversified Fund
Clime Capital (CAM.AX)
PSSAP Superannuation Fund
TFS Market Neutral Fund (TFSMX)
CREF Global Equities Fund
IPE.AX (Aus private equity) BT Property Securities Fund
Aurora Sandringham Fund (AOD.AX)
Boulder Total Return (BTF)
CFS Geared Global Share Fund
Generation Global Shares
Celeste Small Australian Companies Fund

What isn't:

CFS Geared Share Fund
CFS Conservative Fund
CFS Global Resources Fund
Platinum Capital (PMC.AX)
TIAA Real Estate
Oceania Capital Partners (OCP.AX)
Cambria Global Tactical (GTAA)
Qantas (QAN.AX)
Man Eclipse 3 (Managed futures)
China Fund
3i (iii.l)
Legend International (lgdi)
Leucadia (LUK)
EAIT and EDIF (Funds of hedge funds)

Any pattern here? Australian and more generally small cap stocks and diversified portfolios are doing well. Larger cap stocks and non-Australian private equity resources/China themed stuff are not doing well.

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