Friday, February 01, 2013

Moominvalley Monthly Report January 2013

This was the 7th month of positive investment returns in Australian Dollar terms (8th in USD terms). This long streak of gains is making me nervous... We yet again hit new net worth highs in both Australian and US Dollar terms of $A808k (+$A54k) and $US843k (+59k). The Australian Dollar was fairly stable. Many of our investments are at all time high profit levels but overall, profits are still down relative to the peak before the financial crisis:

Profits in retirement accounts are almost back to pre-crisis highs but in non-retirement accounts we are still at a negative net profit and only halfway back to the pre-crisis high from the trough.

Our rate of return was 5.81% in USD terms versus 4.64% for the MSCI and 5.18% for the S&P500. In Australian Dollar terms we made 5.44%. All asset classes had positive returns. The monthly accounts (in US Dollars) look like this:

We each received three paychecks this month boosting non-investment earnings. Spending was lower $7,700 ($A7,384) but $A3,000 of that was money we gave to Snork Maiden's mother. Without that we spent $A4,384 which is pretty reasonable given recent spending levels. Total investment returns were $41k with little contribution from exchange rate moves. Saving in the table is saving from non-investment income.


Anonymous said...

Did I read the graph correctly - your profits are not inflation adjusted and correspond to that particular year only?

I am very impressed with the fact that you do have data for last 18 years!

Do you have similar (inflation adjusted graph)?

mOOm said...

Yes, it's not adjusted for inflation. I guess I could do that. But it would be even more depressing, so why bother :(