Thursday, November 04, 2021


I was contacted by a head hunter today for a senior government position on the borderlines of research and policy. Normally headhunters approach me about academic positions, so this was a bit different. I wouldn't have to move for the job and I could plausibly apply for it. It would pay about double what I get now. I had a look at the "selection criteria", the current holders of the same level positions, and some reports they put out. I was already thinking that I would have a lot less freedom in such a position. The upside is I am a bit bored again with my career and it would be a new challenge. I felt positive when I saw the backgrounds of some of the people in those positions. But when I looked at the reports I felt mind-numbingly bored. Typical government reports with heaps of recommendations. I just don't think I could do it. So, I told the headhunter no, but recommended someone else.


Sexily Leona said...
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Slack Investor said...

Admirable discretion, a Man of principle Moom ... in pursuit of higher ideals “For I don’t care too much for money, for money can’t buy me love.” – The Beatles