Monday, November 15, 2021

Update on Australian Office Fund / Australian Unity Diversified Property Fund Merger

I have been planning to vote no on this merger for a number of reasons. The explanatory booklet for the merger has been released to the ASX. This provides details on the options to exist the fund. Though the unitholder meeting will be on 10 December, we have to decide by 8 December whether we want to exit the fund. However, we can choose to withdraw only if the merger goes ahead, so that is OK.

They are also offering to redeem a minimum of AUD 24.8 million of units if people want to redeem that much and maybe more than that if the merger is approved. If the merger isn't approved the cap will be at AUD 8.6 million. So, I plan to submit a withdrawal notice now and vote no. My guess is that only part of our investment will be redeemed if the merger doesn't go through. Anyway, we could always apply for more units again if we really wanted to in that case.

After reading all these details I am happier than I was about the proposal, but really would have preferred if they raised more capital instead. I would have been happy to invest in more units.

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