Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Corporate Actions

Two current "corporate actions". Regal Funds (RF1.AX) announced a 1 for 3 rights issue at the net asset value of AUD 3.79 per share. Price prior to the announcement was AUD 4.47 per share. I plan to fully take up the entitlement. The question is what do I sell in our SMSF to take up the offer as I only have AUD 27k in cash and will also need to pay taxes etc some time... The rights issue will cost AUD 55k.

Australian Unity Diversified Property Fund announced that they plan to merge with the ASX listed Australian Unity Office Fund (AOF.AX). The joint fund will continue to be listed on the ASX. There are four reasons I will vote against this merger:

1. The reason I invested in an unlisted property fund is to not be exposed to stock market fluctuations in the value of the fund.

2. We will receive shares in AOF according to the current NAV of that fund. Its price on the ASX is much below that. That means that the market value of our shares will instantly fall.

3. I invested in a diversified fund because I didn't want to just be exposed to office property. The new fund will be dominated by offices.

4. The reason for the merger is supposedly to allow easier capital raising for the development pipeline while not increasing the gearing of the fund. The gearing will actually fall. I wanted to be in a geared fund.

P.S. 28Oct21

I just read the AOF annual report. It is much less profitable than Australian Unity Diversified Property Fund despite not charging performance fees. Or maybe because of that? It's surprising that they are looking to give up those fees! That is a fifth reason to vote no. I will withdraw our investment prior to listing if the merger is approved. According to the fund we get six days to withdraw after the meeting. Two of them are a weekend. But usually they only allow a maximum of 2.5% of the fund to be withdrawn per quarter. So, now I am seeking clarification on that. The merger document is a bit vague on how much withdrawals will be allowed.

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