Saturday, October 16, 2021

Moominpapa's 2020-21 Taxes

I am finally able to submit my taxes for this year. Last year's taxes are here. Here is a summary of my taxes. To make things clearer, I reclassify a few items compared to the actual tax form. Of course, everything is in Australian Dollars.

On the income side, Australian dividends and franked distributions from managed funds are  up strongly. My salary still dominates my income sources but is not growing. Interest is Australian interest only and is zero due to no longer holding Australian bonds.

Unfranked distributions from trusts is down strongly because the distribution from APSEC was exceptionally large last year. I have now moved the APSEC fund to our SMSF. Foreign source income is from foreign bond interest and distributions and dividends both from directly held foreign investments and from Australian managed funds. Other income is gains on selling bonds. These aren't counted as capital gains. As we have few bonds any more the amount is small. I used most of my carry forward capital losses this year reducing the net capital gain to zero. I am still carrying forward $28k to next year.

In total, gross income fell 2%.

Increased deductions are mostly due to writing down the loss on my Virgin Australia bonds. This isn't counted as a capital loss and can be deducted immediately. Dividend, foreign source income, and trust deductions are all mostly interest on loans.

Total deductions rose strongly, and as a result, net income fell 9%.

Gross tax is computed by applying the rates in the tax table to the net income. In Australia, you don't enter the tax due in your tax return, but I like to compute it so that I know how big or small my refund will be.

Franking credits (from Australian dividends), foreign tax paid, and the Early Stage Venture Capital (ESVCLP) offset are all deducted from gross tax to arrive at the tax assessment. This time because of the Virgin Australia loss and the ESVCLP offset I should get a large refund.

I estimate that I will pay 24% of net income in tax. Tax was withheld on my salary at an average rate of 31%.

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