Thursday, October 14, 2021

Cadence Opportunities IPO

Another "corporate action" to consider. Cadence Opportunities Fund attempted an IPO about three years ago, which failed. I invested in the fund at a second fund-raising. Now it is again attempting an IPO and attempting to triple funds under management in the process. I was thinking to buy more shares in the IPO and even moved money from one account to another to do so, but then had second thoughts. Don't get me wrong, this is so far a great investment. I have a 50% internal rate of return on my investment. But after reading the independent report I became concerned that the price might trade below the IPO price and so it would be better to wait to buy shares on market. On the other hand, if the fund keeps performing so strongly, the increase in the NAV might outweigh an illiquidity discount... But given we have 3% or so of net worth in the fund already, I think I will give it a pass.

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