Sunday, May 26, 2024

SMSF Portfolio Allocation

As there has been a lot of recent change in the SMSF portfolio allocation, I thought I would have a detailed look at it. The last time I updated this spreadsheet was in August 2022, when the portfolio was quite different.

We also are long two Australian Dollar futures contracts. The asset classes are where each investment is classified for my reporting based on asset classes. PBDC is equity of private credit lenders, Defi Technologies is a crypto asset manager, and bitcoin isn't mostly actually futures. So, their designated asset classes are a bit to a lot misleading. Regal is actually only about 50% hedge funds now, with real assets (water and royalties), private credit, and venture capital in the mix. In my reporting on asset classes I break it down along these lines.

So there is about 30% managed futures exposure, 21% crypto exposure, about 17% private equity, 16% property, 15% hedge fund with some real assets thrown in, and 1% cash.

There wouldn't be much point in having an SMSF if the portfolio looked like a typical industry fund 😊. 

We pay only 0.26% per year in admin fees to SuperGuardian.

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