Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Career, Financial, and Family Update

Yesterday, I went to a meeting at the government department that is funding my research project. One person left early and the most relevant person substantively didn't show up but still there was some useful exchange between us and one guy who directs a section in the ministry. But overall they don't have a very focused idea of what they are looking for from us, which I guess is good because then I can more or less do what I want :) I'm told that there is now an office at the university with my name on the door (one of the perks of academia is not working in a "cubicle" or shared office) but I still don't have a contract. It's entangled in the bureaucracy. After a recent restructuring no-one knows who is responsible for what, making the usually cumbersome university bureaucracy all the more so.

At least CommSec finally deposited my money in my Colonial First State account and started up my $A500 a month automatic savings scheme. So a little progress on the financial front. I have a bunch of financial stuff that I should post on but have been busy working on the project/paper/presentation for my interview on 2nd March. The 2nd March deadline has just been a good excuse to complete this project or get it to the stage where I can present on it. I also submitted a version to a conference in Europe later this year and there are plenty of follow up stages that can be done. Sorry I can't post more details on this blog of what topic I'm working on. I also now have scheduled a presentation at another major University for 26th March.

We successfully reorganized our apartment over the weekend for the visit of the Snorkparents. It looks pretty good. I quite like my office in one end of the long living room where the doors to the balcony can be opened wide... They should be leaving China late tonight I think.

Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary. Among other things we went out to eat (Korean food) and then took the car through an automatic car wash for the first time (can't have a dirty car to pick up the Snorkparents), while eating ice cream. Snork Maiden said it was one of the best value entertainments in Australia :)

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Revanche said...

Other than your extra bureaucracy, sounds like things are coming along!