Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fat Fingers

There are lots of ways to lose :) Right after the FOMC announcement I did a nice winning trade. Then my next trade was clearly a loser I was going to get out with a quarter point loss only, but I was pressing "buy" rather than "sell". This has happened a few times to me on IB's platform. I need to be more careful. And I need to get out immediately not wait any number of seconds to see if things will improve. The loss per contract was less than my gain on the first trade, but there were two contracts instead of one. Still, I am still up on the beginning of yesterday in trading, so could be worse. Maybe I should go back to bed (Fed announcement at 5.15am our time), as I feel a bit jittery about pursuing another trade.


Anonymous said...

check out

they have an interface to IB's API.

its really very good. if you're trading using IB's workstation, its like running a marathon wearing clogs.

mOOm said...

Thanks - Looks like it only runs on Windows? They don't explicitly say anywhere. One thing that attracted me to IB was the fact that there is a Mac version of the TWS. Someone else suggested I look at Quotetracker for better charts but same problem. I could run Windows on my Macs but then couldn't access all the Mac stuff at the same time I think. IB say that they will improve the charts (my main gripe - they update slowly especially the technical indicators and often have ghost candlesticks showing up) following the Futuretrade acquisition, but nothing yet.