Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Target Portfolio

This is the target portfolio I hope to get to by next month or so by continuing to switch funds and invest:

I classify our portfolio three ways:

• By conventional asset class - stocks, bonds etc.

By function - passive alpha, beta, trading etc.

• By currency exposure.

It's by no means a final portfolio - that will always be evolving - in particular, I want to bring down the amount of borrowing from 29% and the amount of cash from 9%. Borrowing is high currently because I believe we are near the bottom of a stock market cycle. The margin rates I am paying are too high for keeping these loans in the long-term IMO. We'll always need some cash used in trading and some in liquidity, but the liquidity category can probably be halved from 7% in the long term. Prerequisites are increasing the credit limit on our Australian credit card and rationalizing Snork Maiden's U.S. accounts.

On currency allocation, I'd like to get to around 50% of the portfolio being exposed to the Australian Dollar and then rebalance from there. The US Dollar/other currency balance is fine. We've come a long way in the last year.

Though only 81% of assets are allocated to stocks, portfolio beta is estimated at 1.16 as a substantial chunk of that allocation will be in a levered fund. I'm planning to maintain around a 10% allocation to bonds in the meantime. Australian bonds in particular might be a good bet in the near future if interest rates come down here as eventually they'll have to. Otherwise, there is a 26% allocation to alternative investments, via a variety of funds and listed stocks. The main planned change is the addition of the Man Eclipse 3 fund which will take the hedge fund exposure to 15%. I don't have particular goals for the subcategories here, it really depends on the opportunities I see. The remainder of the "passive alpha" category includes financial stocks (Total stocks at 81% = beta - bond allocation + financial stocks + "industrial" stocks).

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