Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lots to Do!

We're back from our "honeyweek" in Sydney (we stayed at this nice bed and breakfast place in Glebe) and there is lots to do. Little things like getting my watch fixed and getting the painting my brother gave us framed, more time consuming things like working out my February accounts and doing my US taxes, and longer term projects. I'm planning to start daytrading with real money this month and also get more academic stuff done. In particular, I have a PhD dissertation to examine sitting on my desk. I at least get paid a little for it. But in general, I'm hoping to get a bit more done than I have on this front. This month, maybe this week even, could be where I finally identify a bottom in the market and switch my mutual and retirement funds from a conservative to a much more aggressive stance. A triangle type formation in the NASDAQ index has broken to the downside. This looks like a final fifth wave from the October top is now underway. Patterns in other indices are similar. The first job (after having some coffee and reading the Berkshire Hathaway annual report) will be updating my models. Umm, seems like there's some laundry to do too :( There's also food shopping to do and Snork Maiden (or is it Moominmamma now?) would like to go to the Hall Markets which only happen once a month.

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