Friday, April 18, 2008

The Best Market-Timers are Bullish

The best market-timers are bullish on average and the worst are bearish on average currently. Yes, some market-timing gurus do beat the market. And those ones are currently bullish. However, they are fewer in number than all those bearish commentators out there who generally don't beat the market. So what does that tell you? :)

Today the Australian market was down. The only catalyst I could find was Brambles (BXB.AX) saying that Walmart might reduce its contract or something. Gold remained strong, oil remained strong. The Japanese and Hong Kong markets were up and U.S. futures, especially of the Q variety were strongly up following Google's earnings announcement, which I got up before 6am this morning Australian time to follow (just wish I had more GOOG :)). Given all this, I didn't see much risk in buying some SPI (ASX 200 Index) call warrants near the bottom today. I plan to sell them Monday either way. My model is pointing down for the Australian market but it looks like another double-peaked stochastic wave is taking shape, which has been pretty common lately. My position is only a fifth of the size of a SPI futures contract. So I feel very little fear trading this in comparison.

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