Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great Article on the British Housing Market:

Great Article on the British Housing Market:. Click on the links. It's nuts that the average two bedroom apartment in inner Canberra costs about £185,000. But they are pretty nice compared to what you probably get for that "lowest price" property in East London mentioned in the article. One of the apartments in the building I grew up in in South London recently sold for £250,000. I remember my parents bought for £4,500 (1966) and sold for about £60,000 in 1995. That was an investment mistake. Would have been much better to rent it out (with an agent managing it).

And in Ireland a one bedroom apartment in a suburb of Dublin for $575,000 (£290,000 or $A620,000). Suddenly, Canberra looks cheap :)

Meanwhile in California:

On another note, Intel's earnings report has boosted the futures up. Maybe wave 3 from the March low is starting?

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Anonymous said...

Whoa--look at that freefall!

Yeah, I don't see prices there really stabilizing until towards the end of 2009. They can't fall forever. And, I think potential buyers will get brave again and stick a toe back in sometime around this autumn. But, hey, I don't live there--so, what do I really know?