Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beazer & Budget

Beazer Homes finally released their earnings for September 2007... They still have two quarters to release. I bought some puts again. This time OTM. So far the stock price isn't doing much. This is a low risk and potentially high gain trade. But the probability is of course towards the smaller loss rather than the big gain, if the price of the options is rational.

I listened to Wayne Swan's budget speech tot he AUstralian parliament this evening. There wasn't much news in it as they had pretty comprehensively "leaked" everything that wasn't in their election manifesto anyway in the last few days. Bottom line is they will still increase real government spending, but slower than the Liberals were and the government surplus will rise further as a fraction of GDP. Seems everyone (unions, business, economists...) is happy with it apart from the Greens and Liberal parties...

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