Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recovered from the Credit Crunch

As of today our total return index (US term) or accumulation index (Aus speak) hit a new all time high, at least when measured in US Dollars (dark green line on the chart). That means we recouped all the losses in percentage terms that we suffered since the previous peak in October 2007. We are still just over 2% below the peak in Australian Dollar terms (light green line). In net worth terms we're a couple of thousand Australian Dollars below our all time high. We're also ahead of the MSCI index again which means that we've slightly beaten the market from October 1996 onwards. In fact there's only one month (January 2005) where an investment into our total return index would have lagged the market from then till now.

It's certainly good to feel we are again making rapid progress though I feel a bit nervous about how long this can be sustained.

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