Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Career Update

The interview went smoothly but I think my chances are 50:50 on getting the job. Some people seem enthusiastic about hiring me while others seem skeptical. They say they'll let me know by the end of the week. I am also told that I should have a contract on the short-term research position by the end of the week. It's supposed to be for 3.25 days a week at what seems to be a nominal annual salary of $A100,296.


Revanche said...

Any word from them, yet?

mOOm said...

No nothing on the long-term position. I didn't phone because it won't make any difference to me - I don't have another offer to consider and if another opening appeared it wouldn't be too hard now for me to write an application. It will just put them on the spot. The scenarios are:

1. They rejected me but feel embarrassed to phone and will send a hardcopy letter in the mail.

2. They made an offer to another candidate (they are hiring 3-4 people) and have me as a reserve candidate if not all positions fill. So they can't tell me yes or no and don't want to insult me by saying I'm a second choice.

3. They want to hire me but turns out some extra bureaucracy is required to hire a more senior candidate like me, so they can't go ahead yet.

4. Something went wrong with their meeting to make a decision (but then I think there is no reason not to inform candidates that there is a delay in the process).

On the short-term position my colleague e-mailed me Friday afternoon and apologized. He's headed to Europe all next week and it is a public holiday on Monday, but told me who to contact in the administration to hassle if I haven't heard anything by mid-week.