Friday, March 13, 2009

Didn't Get the Senior Lectureship

I just heard that I didn't get the Senior Lectureship (Associate Prof in the U.S. system) position at the University down the street from me. The feedback I got so far is that people liked me but wondered whether I would be a good fit for the Department. The chairman had told me that he thought I was a good fit in fact which is presumably why I was interviewed, though they didn't originally advertize in my area of expertise. But another member of the selection committee seemed grumpy throughout my presentation and formal interview and I didn't get to meet them one on one so my expectation is that they was the main force against me. Anyway, I've asked for some more feedback from the chairman if possible to help me in future interviews.

I know from the most accepted research ranking in our discipline (who are obsessed with rankings) that I place pretty much in the middle of the full professors in that department. So it's certainly not a question of me being qualified as far as research strength goes.

Still no news on the job I supposedly did get. I e-mailed all the relevant administrators three days ago and not one of them has seen fit to reply to me at all.

I'm going to seek a meeting with the head of another School at the university to see if he can keep me in the loop regarding developments there. He is an old colleague from when I used to work at this University and just was promoted to Head of School. And I have my presentation in Sydney coming up later this month. They are looking for the equivalent of U.S. full professors. Discipline-wise it is the perfect fit to me. Their department is small and not very strong but if I went there it would be an opportunity perhaps to build something up. I'm not keen on moving to Sydney though.

I also just wrote to the people who wrote recommendations for me to thank and state that I hope I can rely on them in the future to recommend me.

I also have ideas for future research grants that I could pitch to funders...

I just heard from one of the administrative staff, but basically the message was there might be progress next Tuesday or later.


Bigchrisb said...

Sorry to hear about the job response - have to apply to see what is viable though. At least the recent rally should have brought you out of immediate margin call risk.

frugal zeitgeist said...

I know it sounds trite, but sometimes the sound of one door closing is the sound of another one opening. Hope you find an even more suitable opportunity.