Thursday, March 12, 2009

Planning Our Trip to Europe

Snork Maiden yesterday got a rejection e-mail for the paper she submitted to a conference in Slovenia. Having organized an international conference of this type myself where most presenters pay fees to attend the conference, I really can't understand conference organizers who reject papers unless they are really off topic, really incomprehensible, or multiple submissions. The excuse here is that "the facilities are insufficient for more than a certain number of papers" and so only the best will be accepted. Rent more facilities and charge participants more than the marginal cost of hosting their paper! Yes, the conference I organized did not have exorbitant fees and made a lot of money :)

Anyway, so Slovenia is out but plenty of places are still in the running. Venezia (a conference on the island pictured above where I attended another conference in 1998); Brighton, UK; Lecce, Italy; and Amsterdam. Between some juggling of these conference/workshop locations perhaps we can visit Moominmama and Moominbrother (somewhere in the Mediterranean basin). I just remembered yesterday that I have a friend (former student) based in Rome currently (working for UN FAO). I've used Rome before as a hub for European travels maybe we can do that this time. Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and London are the most likely other locations (done 'em all). OTOH Snork Maiden has never been to Europe and so is excited to check out everything.

On review, it seems likely that Brighton is out of the running as successful candidates should have heard by 5th March and it is a European Union funded thing. The Lecce people confirmed that they will pay Snork Maiden's costs. I just need to hear about the Venezia thing to start to set the trip up.

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