Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Unpopular Ventures

We have invested in a rolling fund – Unpopular Ventures – on the AngelList platform. We invested in Moominmama's name (because she is in a lower tax bracket) following a failed attempt to invest through our SMSF. We will invest USD 10k each quarter for eight quarters, which is the minimum investment. The fund will invest in new startups each quarter. In effect, you invest in eight different subfunds. I learnt about Unpopular Ventures from an episode of Meb Faber's podcast, which featured an interview with Peter Livingston, one of the general partners. The attraction of this fund are: 

  • It has good historic returns.
  • Meb is an investor, which I see as a good sign.
  • It not only invests in the US but also in other countries, and in particular, developing countries and regions like India and Latin America. These regions are not as competitive for venture capital as the US market and so it should be able to get into investments at better valuations in theory. I guess exits might not be as highly valued either... but diversification is good.

Until now, we only had venture capital investments in Australia through Aura Ventures funds and the listed Wilson Asset Management Alternative Assets Fund (WMA.AX).

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