Tuesday, April 05, 2022

New Trade: Pendal

I bought a position in Pendal (PDL.AX). Yesterday, they announced that they got a takeover offer from Perpetual (PPT.AX) for the equivalent of AUD 6.23 per share. The price isn't a constant as it is about 2/3 in terms of Perpetual shares. The stock was trading around AUD 5.25 after being higher yesterday, but PPT was trading up on yesterday. Analysts say the stock is undervalued and a strong buy after falling a lot in the last year, prior to the bid. So, I didn't see  lot of downside in this. 

In other news, URF.AX is now up to AUD 0.24, 10% above the AUD 0.22 that investors are supposed to eventually receive. I can't sell as my shares are in transit from Interactive Brokers to Commonwealth Securities. They have now left Interactive Brokers, but haven't shown up yet at CommSec...

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