Thursday, June 20, 2024

Coinsnacks Issues Negative Report on Defi Technologies

Coinsnacks issues a negative article on Defi Technologies. The stock fell 25-30% in Tuesday trading as a result. The article is very selective. The company has issued statements suggesting that their financial position has improved radically since the end of Q1 in March. We will have to wait till the end of the current quarter to fully understand that. The current rise in stock price is as much about that as the promotional efforts that the company has made to raise its stock price. The company issued a statement claiming that the report may be connected to short sellers, which is pointedly not denied by Coinsnack's report which says they do not own shares in the company... If I understand the Defi's statement, they were approached to sell new shares to an investment bank, which they suspect would be used to cover a short position. But that was back on 10 June, when stock price was lower. So, I am confused. Anyway, in today's trade in Europe and Canada (US market was closed) the price stabilized for now.

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