Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Salary Increase and March Report

Got the letter today. 1.5%. Inflation is 3.6% p.a. currently. The pool for all salary increases was 2.5%. The rest of the letter went on about how we should think of our department's performance measures as an opportunity for next year and beyond. My chairman ranked me as strong on two measures and outstanding on one of the three. Not much incentive is it.

In the end I got a -0.47% return on investment for March in US Dollar terms. In Australian Dollar terms I made 2.87%. The fall in the Australian Dollar more than wiped out all my positive performance when measured in USD. The MSCI world index returned 2.24%. As a result, net worth increased by only $US1,474 but by $A16,653 to $A411k ($US295k). Still that means I am up $25k so far this year which is exactly on track to add $100k to net worth by the end of the year.

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