Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tuesday Update

The market rebounded a little today. Friday remains the likely timing for a more substantial upswing. That is unless we get to oversold conditions (stochastic less than 20) before that. For that to happen we need to get another serious selloff in the next couple of days. The Aussie Dollar rallied against me. My futures position is partially hedging the underlying exposure to the AUD so actually my USD net worth rose still due to this rally in the AUD, but much less than it could have. The "autoregressive model" is now giving a more emphatic sell signal today for the Aussie. Bonds rose too, which is good for me. So all in all today was probably a wash. I did a couple of NDX daytrades the losing one lost a little less than the winning one made so I guess that is OK too :)

Tomorrow we get a bunch more macro news including preliminary GDP, new home sales and the Fed's Beige Book. Today existing home sales were up, but as expected there was a year on year price decline again.

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