Sunday, December 24, 2006

2007 Net Worth Goal

Though we haven't yet completed 2006 I have added my 2007 net worth goal to the sidebar. $470,000. At this point I look like reaching $365k for 2006 - an addition of $95k to my net worth. $5k short of my goal but far above the amount I wrote I would be happy with. So next year's goal is to add a little more to net worth than this year - $105k. Also at a constant growth rate, $470k is on the growth path to $1 million at the end of 2010. My second goal is to end the year with as much in my three self directed US investment/trading accounts - at Ameritrade and IB as I put into them ( I also have a 403b and an account with TFS Capital - those are doing fine). Currently my net investment has been $60k, but there is only about $41k in the three accounts. I've added that goal to thje sidebar with the amount achieved in parentheses - I'll update it periodically. If I add or withdraw money to the accounts the goal will shift. These two goals are pretty simple I think. A "stretch goal" as people say is pretty obvious - reaching a net worth of half a million dollars :)


Anonymous said...


Do you have a breakdown of how you want to add the $105k in net worth next year? I assume you are expecting some from investment gains, some from contributions, etc.

Rich Gates

mOOm said...

Yes, that will be my next post :)

fin_indie said...

I love it. Nice and simple goals.
Congrats on the progress made in 2006!