Monday, July 09, 2007

Contingency Plans

Latest development is I will meet the university's immigration lawyer (she also worked for me on all my visas) this coming Thursday and come to a conclusion on what I should do. I actually wrote a resignation letter and gave it to the Dean's secretary on Thursday and then my chairman decided to try to see if we could do something better. I went back to the secretary and took the letter back. Luckily the Dean wasn't in.

I didn't sleep for two nights and was really freaking out. I lost more money on Friday when Interactive Brokers fell 8%. But now Snork Maiden drove down to visit, despite she being even busier, and I've cheered up a lot. Today we will rent a dolley thingy from U-Haul and move everything from my office on campus to my apartment. Then if I need to go to Canada and something goes wrong and I can't get back into the country all my stuff will be in one place ready for her moving company to pick up and take to her town and from there to Aus. Probable anyway that we'll move all of my stuff up there late in August using a U-Haul. This will be after she submits her PhD dissertation but before she defends it. I can help with packing up there then before flying back down here again.

The above post was posted Saturday but there were problems with Blogger.... so I'm reposting it. Sunday I hurt my toe while packing and we had to go the Emergency Room at the local hospital - so lots of drama. Also now I'm thinking of going to Israel next week instead of Canada!


frugal zeitgeist said...

Times of upheaval are always fun. Not really. I hope this transition phase isn't too hard on you both. Oz awaits!

Anonymous said...


Sounds like a lot shit is happening in your life. That is awesome. Change is always good, but it kind of sounds like you are enjoying small town life. Sorry to hear you are getting kicked out of the USA? I'd invite you to Hawaii but its a state (even though everyone talks of the USA as the mainland like another country). Hope things get better for you. Israel should be a blast. Do a spiritual journey their and drink some good wine. Don't worry about money you can always make it back.

mOOm said...

Thanks everyone!