Friday, July 20, 2007

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Australia?

I just agreed with a moving company to go ahead for an August 3rd pickup of my stuff. The cost: $4175 including insurance against loss for door to door to Canberra. I've also spent $1146 on a one way plane ticket. There will be plenty more costs. Snork Maiden will have similar costs but the moving will be covered by her employer up till $A5000 and her plane fare too. They are also paying for two weeks of accommodation for us when we get there ($A525 a week).


Madame X said...

That seems surprisingly low compared to what it costs people just to move a few blocks in New York City... but I guess you don't have to worry about parking tickets!

mOOm said...

Snork Maiden's moving company quoted $1500 to move the stuff 150 miles interstate but in the end I decided to do a separate lift. It all depends how much you are moving I guess. I am moving what is called a liftvan which is roughly 200 cubic feet. Several of these pack into a shipping container.