Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ups and Downs

Feeling a bit down due to doing stupid trades against the model (I know these trades are wrong and stupid and still do them) I went downstairs to go out for a walk and found a check from the IRS for $3006.99. Now this is surprising as I sent them $400.36. I can't imagine how I got my taxes so wrong. Anyway, they include a card "about your refund check" which says they will send an explanation in a few days. If they are right then I will probably need to send an amended return to New York State as I sent them $1259.90! Also odd is why the IRS withdrew $400.36 from my account electronically and then send me a paper check?


Anonymous said...

Hello moom

Thank you, I do my best to make my blog interesting but still with a meanening and importans.
I have a compoteblog, it gives me the freedom I want to make it fun and serious in the same time.

So you tried to lern Swedish. I have heard it`s hard. I myself learn hebrew, its hard to, but one step at the time, as my mother use to say.

I am sorry that I can`t transl. my letters to English. They are to complicated for me, But I write so much as I can in eng and mix with Sved.

sometimes my eng is really bad, hahaha. But I learn along the way. And that`a good thing

Shalom moom /from sofia

Anonymous said...

I put you in my blogroll if that`s OK with you


frugal zeitgeist said...

Trusting oneself (in your case, trusting your model) is the hardest thing for many people to do. I know I feel like a big 'ol fraud most of the time and I'm continually surprised that no one's caught me out on it yet.

mOOm said...

Yes, really trusting the model is hard despite knowing objectively that it works. A lot of people believe in buying and holding investments in theory but find it hard to keep the discipline in practice.

But as well I still suffer from loss aversion - once I do a losing trade it is hard to get out. I guess the next post on the blog is a lot about loss aversion.

In academic research also I often think I am a fake compared to the people that "really understand". But then I turn around and realise that there are far more who understand even less than I do.

Adventures In Money Making said...

the IRS actually gave you money back?
thats amazing.
i'm curious to see what their explanation is.