Thursday, October 07, 2010


We're finally back from our "World Tour" and now into getting back up to speed mode here. Last stop was Bangkok. At some point Snork Maiden will provide more pictures of food including from Sweden, Israel, Denmark, and Thailand, hopefully. We are appreciating the nice weather and calm and orderly atmosphere here in Canberra. Israel and Bangkok and more exciting of course, but we prefer somewhere like Canberra as a home base. At least for the moment anyway. My next planned international trip is South Korea in May. A country I haven't been to before. I had been to all the countries on this trip except Hungary where we didn't leave the airport anyway. But I saw new stuff everywhere.

Now for lots of cleaning, sorting out mail, accounting, and my taxes for 2009-2010 still to do in the next week. Also our car wouldn't start. I think it is a "flat battery". And hopefully some more blogspots as things sort out.

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