Friday, October 29, 2010

Investment Allocation

Following my new investment I thought I'd update our allocation to stocks and funds:

Where possible I have given the ticker code. But a lot of our investments are managed funds or retirement funds in Australia which don't have ticker codes and some US retirement funds that don't either.

Ass you can see we have a masssive allocation to the CFS Geared Share Fund which is a leveraged fund invested in large cap Australian stocks. I do want to bring that down to a more reasonable value over time, but both the leverage provided and franking credits (tax credits for Aus. corporate tax paid) are attractive. The next largest allocation is Snork Maiden's retirement fund which has to be in the one provided by her employer. Yes there is fund choice in Australia but they will only put 9% of salary in any other fund vs. 15.4% in this one. So there is no effective choice.

The only individual non-financial stocks we have are: Bekaert and Legend. EFG.AX is a fund management company and so is also an individual stock. 3i and Leucadia are basically listed private equity funds. Clime, AOD, IPE, CIF, OCP, CHN, and BTF are all closed end funds.

So we only have 1.1% of net assets in what I consider to be individual stocks.

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